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Investment Banking courses London

Banking Courses / January 10, 2017

This programme, delivered 100% online through Study InterActive, will help you gain the skills you need to make sound financial decisions and manage risks in the high-stakes world of investments.

Given recent economic problems, major organisations in this industry are changing how they work and who they work with. This has created great opportunities to launch an exciting career in investment banking.

You will cover major types of investments, the challenges you might face in their valuation and the role of capital markets. This includes the analysis and valuation of equity and fixed income investments as well as relevant knowledge of derivatives and alternative investments.

Duration: 18-36 months (100% online)
Start dates: April, July & October

Campus available:


  • UK undergraduate degree or equivalent – any subject area
  • English levels 5.5 IELTS (5.5 in all bands) or equivalent*
  • Relevant work experience is an asset, but no work experience is required

Students who fail to meet academic requirements can be assessed on their relevant work experience (5 years management experience minimum for mature study route)

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Stage I Business and Financial Analysis (15 credits)
Corporate Finance (15 credits)
Quantitative Finance and Financial Markets (15 credits)
Research Methods
Stage II Equity and Fixed Income Investments (15 credits)
Derivatives and Alternative Investments (15 credits)
Financial Risk Management (15 credits)
Research Methods
Stage III Online Dissertation and Research Methods (30 credits)

This online programme is offered through Study InterActive, LSBF’s online platform, and is validated and awarded by the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO.

Specialisation Modules **


You will be introduced to the characteristics of equity and fixed income investments. It covers the analytical issues in their valuation, the commonly used models of securities valuation, as well as their applications and shortcomings.

On successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Analyse and apply concepts and techniques to the valuation of equity and fixed income investments.
  • Identify and appraise the impact of the current global financial environment on equity valuation.
  • Perform appropriate valuation analysis of private companies.
  • Critically evaluate the issues involved in valuing private and public companies.
  • Assess the use of fixed income securities in the investment process.

The Derivatives and Alternative Investment module is designed to provide you with relevant knowledge of derivatives (as risk management tools) and alternative investments (as assets classes).

  • Value derivative and alternative investment instruments.
  • Demonstrate how investment instruments are used to create, enhance or destroy value.
  • Critically evaluate the applicable strategies in derivatives and alternative investments, while showing evidence of insights.
  • Analyse derivatives and alternative investment strategies, and offer alternative strategies considering the various pay-offs.
  • Write and present “senior management level” reports on their findings, in an advisory position.

This module teaches you how to apply advanced analytical techniques to the valuation of companies involved in mergers and acquisitions (M&A). You will build on knowledge from previous modules involving the analysis of financial statements and data, in both hypothetical and real life case studies.