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Indiana Department of Education Job Bank

Investment Banking Education / December 21, 2017

Q. When I log in to edit or view current job postings, none of the current postings show up!
A. After you log-in to DOE Online and go to Job Bank > Job Posting Management you’ll see your corp is already selected. You might have to pull-down the school menu to “All” or the specific school in which you want to filter job postings.

Q. I have been asked to post positions for more than one school corporation or charter school in Indiana. How can I do this if I am restricted to posting for only one corp?
A. You need to contact the corporation or charter school and have them set up another email address for you to use. Then, use that email account to sign up for an account on DOE Online. This means you will have more than one account on DOE Online. One email address is tied to one school corporation.

Q. I forgot my password to post positions. How can I get it reset?
A. Use this link to initiate the process of resetting your password. You'll receive an email with instructions. Remember to quickly act on the email as the link provided will expire after two days.

Q. Who can post jobs to the School Personnel Job Bank?
A. Only accredited Indiana public and non-public schools may request an account and post in the Indiana School Personnel Job Bank. Please do not attempt to request an account to post unless your organization meets this basic requirement. If you are a NEW SCHOOL, your accounts for the Job Bank can not be activated until July 1st.

Q. How do I request an account?
A. Click here to request an account. Once your account is activated, you can manage your job postings by going to . Once you login and have reset your password for the first time, navigate to School Personnel Job Bank > Job Posting Administration.

Q. Can I copy and paste text into a field when posting a position?
A. Yes. Be careful that you do not exceed the maximum number of allowed characters per large text field - which is 4, 000. If you exceed the max allowed in any field, you will receive this error: Unable to store the Job information. Please contact webmaster@doe.in.gov for assistance. We have noticed that if you have heavily formatted text, the 4, 000 character limit is reached fast. Formatted text (bold, colored, etc.) contains hidden characters which add to the total 4, 000 character limit. You should always try to “paste as text" if possible.

Q. I am a new school and I need to post position now. When can I get access to accomplish this feat?
A. All new schools in Indiana are activated in our system on July 1st. You can not post positions in the Job Bank until that time. That being said, we can post PDF information of your openings on the main Job Bank home page under Positions from other Institutions until you have access to the Job Bank.

Q. I requested an account to post positions (insert any time frame here) and I've still not received confirmation. Why? What's the deal?
A. Permission to post positions is not managed by IDOE but rather by DOE Online System Administrators located within your school corp. Click here to find your administrators. If your school does not have designated administrators, contact webmaster@doe.in.gov.

Q. We are a company that manages HR for several school corporations. I have an account that allows be to post positions for Corporation A. I'd also like to post positions for Corporation B but when I request an account with my email address it tells me I already have an account. How can I post for more than one school corporation?
A. Similar to the question above, you have to have a different email address tied to the new account. Either have your corporation set up the address or the school in question. Also, once you request the new account, it will have to be approved by the DOE Online System Administrator in that corporation. Click here to find the administrators. If the school does not have designated administrators, contact webmaster@doe.in.gov.

Source: www.doe.in.gov