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Investment Banking Education / November 16, 2017

Q. I have a question about an particular job posting. Who do I contact?
A. Please use the contact information in the posting to get answers to your questions. Postings are managed by schools and not the Indiana Department of Education.

Q. I am interested in State employment. How do I apply for a position at the Indiana Department of Education?
A. Scroll to the bottom of the main Job Bank page and look for the heading "POSITIONS FROM THE INDIANA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION". Each PDF will have a description of the open position and a link to ww.careers.IN.gov where you can initiate the application process.

Q. Who do I contact for information about educator licensing in Indiana?
A. For information on licensing go to or call (317) 232-9010.

Q. Why aren't all school-related jobs in Indiana posted in the Job Bank?
A. Unlike some states, Indiana schools are not required to report their job openings to the Indiana Department of Education. Positions posted here are reported voluntarily.

Q. Where can I find other job openings?
A. If you graduated in-state, work with your college's placement office (others may be charged a fee). Or, contact the school corporation offices in or around the county where you wish to find employment to inquire about openings in that area.

Q. I contacted a school about a job and the position was already filled. Why was the position still posted on your Job Bank.
A. The position was still posted because the school did not login and mark it as filled. Postings are managed by schools and not the Indiana Department of Education.

Source: www.doe.in.gov