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Morgan Stanley investment Banking Analyst

Banking Investment / December 31, 2020

Analysts hired in London are given general offers, then placed into one of the industry groups, regional coverage groups or Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). Opportunities are also available in our regional offices in Dubai, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Paris, Stockholm, Tel Aviv and Warsaw. During the three-year program, Analysts work on a variety of corporate transactions and have significant responsibility. The work is challenging, and Analysts are encouraged to be an integral part of coverage and project teams and dig into financial statements and think creatively. Our lean deal team structure allows Analysts to work closely with senior officers on a variety of projects. Analysts will attend and be active participants in client meetings. Exceptional Analysts may be offered the Accelerated Career Path (ACP), which promotes directly to Associate-level positions.

The Investment Banking Analyst Program begins in the summer with four to six weeks of intensive classroom training in London. This includes business presentations, practical sessions and the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from your peers. You will join Analysts from Global Capital Markets, Sales & Trading, Research and Investment Management in the combined Institutional Securities Training Program, which covers accounting, financial modelling and capital markets. This is followed by specific investment banking training, which covers advanced modelling, Morgan Stanley's proprietary analytical tools, information technology, financial products and leadership skills. At the end of training, Analysts will be able to understand financial concepts, build a dynamic model and have a strong understanding of the Morgan Stanley culture.