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Wells Fargo investment Banking Analyst

Banking Investment / December 25, 2019

Wells Fargo Securities Analyst Program

Take the next step toward a career in Investment Banking/Sales & Trading, and equip yourself with the skills and experience you need to take you where you want to go. The Wells Fargo Securities (WFS) Analyst Program offers motivated, strong performers a chance to accelerate their career with one of Wall Street's fastest-growing investment banks.

When you join a team as a full-time analyst, you will learn what it takes to succeed while developing a network of experienced team members that will help you throughout your career.

The program begins with an intensive, eight-week in-person training course. There, you will build relationships with peers across the country while you learn from Wells Fargo professionals and outside consultants with expertise in financial accounting, cash flow, credit analysis, financial modeling, and valuation.

Then, you will be prepared to join your assigned business unit, which will be determined based on your interests and business needs.


If you are selected to join the Investment Banking or Sales & Trading team, your responsibilities may include:

  • Working closely with senior bankers on presentations, financial and credit analyses, and the preparation of financial projections and models
  • Performing comprehensive and in-depth company and industry research
  • Preparing presentations, pitches, proposals, client materials and the supporting analyses
  • Developing and maintaining models to depict projected financial results and to value companies
  • Participating in strategic and tactical planning, and assisting in the execution of advisory engagements
  • Assisting in the execution of debt and equity transactions
  • Participating in client meetings, due diligence visits, and client interactions to gain exposure to key executives and senior bankers

If you are selected to join the Principal Investing Group, your responsibilities may include:

  • Working closely with senior analysts in understanding financial, business, industry, and market factors, as well as more advanced areas of the due diligence process to formulate investment recommendations
  • Analyzing financial statements and evaluating risk profiles of companies to assess credit quality of issuers and monitor portfolio investments
  • Developing financial modeling skills by working with investment professionals as well as independently to build and maintain company-specific models used throughout the investment lifecycle
  • Performing comprehensive analysis of various industry subsectors and investment structures
  • Participating in investment discussions, credit meetings, and portfolio strategy meetings with senior managers
  • Using appropriate tools to assist in monitoring positions and manage risk

Your next step

After successfully completing the program, you may be asked to join the Wells Fargo Securities Associate program. Or, equipped with the experience gained during the program, many analysts decide to explore opportunities with private equity firms, or return to business school to further their education.

Available locations

Opportunities are available in Charlotte, N.C., New York, NY and San Francisco, CA. Limited opportunities are available in Chicago, IL, Houston, TX, and Los Angeles, CA.


Required qualifications