Investment Banking Summer Internship Cv | Resume Template Example

Investment Banking summer internship

Banking Investment / August 5, 2021

As an Investment Banking intern you will undergo an intensive ten-week introduction to our business and firm. While a background in finance or accounting is not required, you should be comfortable with numerical computation and have a demonstrable interest in working in financial services.

What You Would Be Doing

Our Summer Analyst and Associate Programs allow us to give a select group of potential candidates an intensive, ten-week introduction to our Investment Banking business and to the firm. 
We look for highly motivated individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in academic and extracurricular activities. We are looking for self-motivated, team players who have excellent organization and communication skills. While a background in finance or accounting is not required, applicants should be comfortable with basic numerical computation. A significant portion of our full time Analyst and Associate classes come from our summer internships.

Summer Analysts

The Summer Analyst Program is a rewarding experience for undergraduates. By working alongside Goldman professionals, summer analysts learn the skills and knowledge necessary to become integral members of Goldman Sachs’ project and client teams. An emphasis on learning on the job is complemented by a brief training session.

Summer analysts are placed into one of the investment banking departments. By concentrating your efforts in a specific area of our business, you will quickly develop proficiency and participate in many aspects of financial transactions which could include stock offerings, mergers and acquisitions, debt financings and more. Summer analysts are involved with teams including managing directors, vice presidents, associates and analysts, in an open atmosphere where ideas are continuously shared and creative thinking and individual initiative are encouraged. Colleagues serve as both instructors and mentors. Summer analysts will form relationships with many professionals while developing special camaraderie with their peers in the Summer Analyst Program.