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Banking Investment / September 6, 2016

An internship or a Graduate Training Program can be the foundation on which to build your career.

Graduate Training Program

As a stimulating on-the-job training scheme involving many and varied tasks, the Graduate Training Program is your springboard into working life.

Having completed your studies, you've got the theory under your belt; now's your chance to develop your skills at UBS. During the program, you’ll have in-depth, practice-based training and get to know some of the bank's business areas.

Duration: 18 to 24 months

For holders of Bachelor's or Master's degrees


Is theory alone no longer enough for you? An internship gives you the chance to gain practical experience and prepare for your future career even while you're studying.

An internship at UBS is the perfect entry into the world of international banking and finance. You'll become part of a business area and benefit from the team's know-how and experience.

Duration: 3 to 6 months
(Summer internship: 10 weeks)

For students who've completed their fourth semester.

Pre-Internship Programs

Dive into the world of banking - and find out what the world of finance has to offer you.

Get to know our bank and the people who work here. Take part in a variety of events and programs, and find out if UBS is the right employer for you.