Investment Banking Salary: How Much You Make & How To Save

Analyst investment Banking salary

Banking Investment / October 16, 2013

An investment banking analyst is an entry-level position at most investment banks and financial firms. The position is a stepping stone for further advancement and responsibility in banking. Investment analysts work with more senior members of the company on various investment banking transactions. The most common duties for investment analysts are producing deal-related materials, performing industry research, performing financial analyses, and collecting materials for due diligence.

Investment analysts help compile and prepare financial packages used in deals. They have to be comfortable interacting with high powered clients like CEOs and CFOs. Financial analysts may have to analyze tax returns and financial reports and then prepare written reports about them for review by more senior staff. Investment analysts must be able to understand and work with complex financial modelling. Often, they are left to their own devices on projects, so adaptability and quick thinking are real assets.

Generally, a B.A. in Accounting, Finance, Economic or Business is required for the position. At most firms, this is a pre-MBA position, but occasionally an MBA is required for an investment analyst position. One to three years of work experience in financial services is preferred. The ability to multitask and maintain a positive outlook in the face of adversity are key skills. Excellent research and writing skills are needed for this position. You must have good computer skills and a mastery of programs like Microsoft Office. Also, financial analysts must be able to excel as members of a team and be able to add value to their teams.