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Investment Banking courses in Dubai

Banking Courses / March 5, 2017

Investment banking is the form of banking that raises capital through shares and bonds. It can promise enormous wealth and an exciting career but is also very pressured and stressful. There is nothing, however, quite like the excitement of watching your investments featured in the press or moving in response to breaking news.

Why attend professional development courses in investment/banking

Professional investment bankers need to remain up-to-date on changing products in the market place as well as new regulations and fluctuating market conditions. The trading floor is high pressured with high stakes and traders have to react extremely quickly to small price movements. The better training they have received and the more qualified they are the more confident they will be at reacting to the market.

Professional development courses in Dubai

There are a range of investment banking training courses available in Dubai, from evening seminars, to courses lasting from one day to several months. There are degree courses in the UK where students will spend part of their time shadowing investment bankers in Dubai. Some investment banks in Dubai might also be able to offer short, unpaid internships as a way of learning the world of investment banking.

What does the training cover

Whether taking a course to accelerate a career path or to gain entry to the world of investment banking, it is important to consider what will be covered. Contract and agreement law, cash flow modelling, the review and practice of finance skills, the valuation of investments, the role of capital markets, knowledge of derivatives and alternative investments and maybe most importantly, managing risk should all be on the syllabus.

Career benefits

A good investment banking course for those new to the profession should also offer help with CV writing and interview applications and techniques, as well as having good links with prospective employers in the Dubai investment banking and business world. It also helps, of course, if the trainers have a passion for both their subject and teaching it.

Taking an investment banking course should be part of a long term committed strategy. With the right training and motivation attending an investment banking course in Dubai should lead to a highly paid and sought after job in either the Dubai investment banking world or elsewhere. A successful course will have lead to the graduate being secure and confident in making sound financial decisions and managing risks in the the high stakes world of finance and investment.