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Private investment Banking

Banking Investment / July 15, 2021

A business owner must assess the skills and experience of the professionals they are considering hiring when completing an M&A transaction. It is important to consider the following attributes:

  • Track record of success - What is their closing ratio?
  • Regional focus - Do they have the reach and network to find the best buyers?
  • Industry expertise - Do they understand the operations, trends and M&A environment of your industry?
  • Transaction size - Are they capable of handling your deal size?
  • Transaction type - Do they have the intricate knowledge of your deal complexities (i.e. MBO, reverse merger or IPO)?
Based on the above assessment, an owner may determine that a private investment banker is better suited than an M&A intermediary or public investment banker to complete the deal. Fees should also be considered as a public investment banker will likely be the most expensive option.