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Which Bank provide Education Loan?

Investment Banking Education / September 29, 2018

Yes, you can receive educational loan for any college or University in India at very low rate of interests, no matter the college is private or government.

Mostly, the rate of interest on your loan starts only after graduation, that is, until you graduate, you won't be charged for any rate of interest.

As per my knowledge, Union Bank of India provides educational loans at lowest interest. You have to talk with the Bank Manager of UBI in your town/city.

Some estate land, jewelry, or any of the assets of your property have to be mortgaged to the bank for security reasons and after repayment of the loan, you get the rights back. You'll also need a person of trust outside your family who will sign the loan papers as a witness. Some bank managers hesitate to provide any service due to the burden of work and paper-work they have to under-take for your loan. Thus, your duty here is to pressurize the manager, plead him, visit him frequently until he agrees. If the bank manager is not movable at all, you've got all rights to complain about this to higher officials of the bank: Only if the bank does provide loan.

CAUTION: When you visit VIT for counselling, there will be a special counter of Indian Bank for providing loan.(Indian Bank is official banking partner of VIT). But, be cautious, the rate of interests of other banks are way lower than Indian Bank. So first compare with other banks and then decide.

For Scholarship purposes, please visit "The Division of Social Welfare/ Samaj Kalyan Vibhag" in your district headquarters. Beyond the fact that you are SC/ST/OBC/Open, they might help you with some financial benefits based upon your family's annual income. :)

On a personal note: I am a student of VIT. I receive a loan of Rs 2, 00, 000 from Union Bank of India every year. i.e. Rs.8, 00, 000 for my graduation.