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What is Banking education?

Our customers are our friends and neighbors. That’s why we’re always looking out for you. In addition to quick videos about free services your account comes with, we also pulled together other helpful videos.

Useful Advice

Sometimes, it’s helpful to read up on a topic before you come in and talk to us. So we have articles, podcasts and blogs by people who study money from every angle. Whether you’re just starting your family or it’s time to retire, you’ll find useful advice here. Personal Finance Center

FDIC Facts

We’ve all seen FDIC Insured on the doors of a bank, but what does that mean? What’s actually covered? Finding out is easy. On this US government website you can enter your bank and type of account to find out if there are any limits or rules.
FDIC Insurance Estimator

Overdraft Protection

Sometimes life gets in the way of keeping track of your balance. We get it. So to help you avoid paying that fee when you accidentally overspend, you can:

  • Set up text alerts – tell us the balance you don’t want to go below, and if you reach that balance we’ll shoot you a quick text
  • Link your accounts – think of it as having a friend behind you, if you don’t have enough in checking to cover a purchase, we’ll do the transfer from savings for you
  • Get a reserve line – apply for a line of credit for those just-in-case moments when you don’t have enough to cover your payment

Source: www.pinnbank.com