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Investment Banking Institute cost

Banking Investment / September 24, 2020

The cost of an investment banking course depends largely upon where the course is offered and how the information is provided.

A four-year business degree program from an accredited private university carries an average annual tuition of $25, 000, and a similar degree program from a public university costs an average of about $6, 600. However, while a four-year degree in finance can be extremely beneficial when searching for investment banking jobs, other training options are available, sometimes at lower costs. Although not recommended in this field, two-year degree programs from a vocational or technical institution are much cheaper with an an average cost of less than $3, 000 per year, and may provide informative and useful finance classes.

Please note, typically this type of training will not result in landing an investment banking job. Many large (and some boutique) investment firms only hire from the top programs. The top MBA programs are much more expensive and can be a six figure investment in total. You’ll need to evaluate your MBA options based on your grades, your experience and your budget. Even after graduating from one of these programs, there is no guarantee you will land your perfect investment banking job.

For individuals looking for training in specific skills and areas of knowledge, without necessarily seeking a degree, professional training companies are another avenue for taking investment banking classes. These organizations offer a classroom teaching environment similar to universities and technical schools are often located in areas more accessible to working professionals, and may offer more specialized training in areas such as investment banking.

These firms offers a variety of financial modeling courses with fees ranging from $400 to $8, 000 for courses lasting between one and five days, or self paced online. Prices for professional training seminars may vary widely depending on location, course length, demand, and how advanced the material is that is being taught.

Online courses, which offer flexibility with regard to location scheduling, are frequently less expensive than classroom-based courses. Online courses fees typically range from $100 to $750 for a given course based on topic and scope.

Self-guided training can also be obtained in the form of software or books, which can be completed independently according to whatever schedule is best for the student. Software packages for self study can be purchased for between $250 and $1, 500 depending on the course title. Investment banking books can also be extremely helpful, and may cost between $30 and $100 based on what subjects are covered.