Bank interns work insane hours, but it s better than it used be

Deutsche Bank investment Banking internship

Banking Investment / April 12, 2018

Described by one participant as “useful, informative, eye-opening and insightful, ” this is a way to fast-track your career in finance and make good contacts in the banking industry.

Your week starts with an introduction to working in banking. Led by expert trainers, you'll learn how financial markets work and get to know more about the way Deutsche Bank operates. You'll meet a variety of people, from analysts and associates right through to senior management – all of whom will help you to build a professional network that will serve you throughout your career.

You’ll be exposed to different areas of the bank, and over a couple of days will have the opportunity to shadow various desks within a division to see what goes on behind the scenes. Described as the most enjoyable and valuable aspect of our programme, there will also be opportunities to practice and develop your soft skills such as networking, presenting and interviewing.

Spring into Banking is a programme that not only recognizes your talent but also rewards it. At the end of the week you will gain early access to the interview process for the Deutsche Bank Internship Programme.