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Banking Investment / October 30, 2016

Tie up arrangements are made by the Bank at its sole discretion in respect of specific projects of specified builders, considering the title investigation/valuation report of such projects and satisfying such other particulars in respect of such projects. Tie-up arrangements are aimed to speed up the delivery process of loans by avoiding duplication of certain works in respect of the processing of loan applications in respect of the units in such projects. While, nobody can claim their project to be tied-up with the Bank as a matter of right, it is also to be noted that the tie-up in a project do not mean tie up in respect of any other project/extensions of the project of the same builder.

The Bank does not give any assurance in respect of the tie up projects including the merits of the project, such as its facilities, period of completion, price, regulatory approvals, quality of construction, other amenities, etc. or any attribution to the builders of such tied up projects and expressly disclaims any liability in this regard. Customers are advised to make independent and discreet inquiry into such projects and satisfy themselves on the credentials of the project before taking any decision to involve/invest into such project. The Bank shall, under no circumstances be responsible for any dispute between the customer/builder/third party arising out of such involvement/investment/purchase of units in a tie up project.

Whether or not to sanction a loan to any person who intends to acquire unit(s) in a tie up project is a commercial decision of the Bank and tie up arrangement has no bearing on such decision. Sanction of a loan shall be purely on merits and as per Bank's guidelines from time to time in this regard. Please note that neither the builder nor any person who acquires or decides to acquire any unit(s) in a tie up project shall have any right or claim against the bank in respect of such projects.

(The list displayed here is not exhaustive. To know more about current/ ongoing projects under tie-up, please contact your nearest Branch)