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Banking Investment / September 13, 2013

The Goldman Sachs Alternative Energy Group is a dedicated platform deploying capital in the alternative energy sector through a broad range of financing solutions. The group is committed to the continuous development of the energy sector, from unconventional oil and gas to the increasingly significant renewable energy sector.


As a major player in the Energy Sector, the Goldman Sachs Alternative Energy Group plays a leadership role in our investments.

Our energy expertise spans from unconventional oil and gas to the growing solar, wind and energy storage sectors. We also offer a wide range of products, including private growth equity and project loans. We are dedicated to offering the optimal financing solution for every situation.

Our expert investment team. The Alternative Energy Group has highly-skilled and experienced professionals with broad industry knowledge as well as product expertise, allowing us to craft creative solutions tailored to the needs of our financing partners.

Broad sector focus. Our team has broad experience ranging from traditional fossil fuels (e.g. oil, gas) and their related products (e.g. natural gas liquids, liquefied natural gas), to renewable energy sources (e.g. solar, wind, biomass, bio-gas, geothermal, biofuels), to any other energy-related industries (e.g. batteries, energy efficiency, fuel logistics & terminals). Within each industry, our focus spans from developing and owning energy producing assets, owning and operating midstream assets and trading in regional renewable energy/green credits. These are only some examples of energy-related subsectors covered by our team.

Expertise in all products. Whether it is growth equity, loans, bonds, project finance, derivatives, leases, private or public capital, the Alternative Energy group, with its diverse arsenal of financial products, is able to deliver the optimal structure for every financing opportunity.

Valued relationship with our partners. We form strong, lasting relationships with owners, managers, and portfolio companies. We take time to understand the fundamentals of our financing partners' businesses and to find the best solution to address their needs. We build trust through the quality of our execution as we work together with our partners each step of the way.


We provide creative, complete solutions crafted to the business needs of our partners. Our capabilities present prospective and existing clients with clear advantages.

Responsiveness and Creativity. With our diverse arsenal of financial products, we craft the optimal financing solution to deliver the greatest value to all parties. Our dedicated team of investment professionals can utilize a combination of growth equity, loans, bonds, project finance, derivatives, leases, private or public capital, to deliver thoughtful and creative solutions.

Risk-Adjusted Return Investing. We assess and price risk without relying on market conventions, and are able to price risks in niche markets that are not well-understood. Our experience and ability to analyze unconventional risks enable us to offer tailored financing solutions which other banks and financial institutions are unable to provide.

One Stop, Complete Solution. We take positions across the entire capital structure and aim to provide a complete set of solutions for our partners. We are flexible and creative in our financing structures, combining a variety of products best suited to address all the needs of our partners’ businesses.

Capital Access to Capital-Constrained Companies. We excel at providing financing solutions to companies with limited access to capital, including private, non-rated, growing, or demonstration-phase companies with high levels of intrinsic value relative to hard assets or cash flow.

Investment Profile

We pursue investments with the following characteristics:

Transaction Type/Investment Structures:

We invest in debt or equity, across the capital structure, in both privately held and publicly listed companies. Some additional examples of transaction types are provided below. The Alternative Energy Group would use one or a combination of products to structure the optimal solution to realize value for all parties.

  • Growth equity
  • Project finance·
  • Tax equity
  • Corporate debt
  • HoldCo financings
  • Mezzanine financing
  • Derivatives
  • Leases
  • Other structured finance

Investment Size

  • At least $10mm, but would consider other transaction sizes depending on the nature of the investment.

Focus Areas

We are deeply involved in all areas and markets related to energy, including energy generation, power grid ancillary services, energy/fuel logistics and distribution, and green attribute / renewable energy credits. Below are only some examples of sectors we see frequently.

  • Unconventional oil & gas and related products (e.g. natural gas liquids, liquefied natural gas, etc.)
  • Coal emissions reducers
  • Solar (PV, thin film, concentrated, etc., panel manufacturers and solar developers)
  • Batteries
  • Grid services
  • Wind (turbine manufacturers and project developers)
  • Biomass and Bio-gas (waste-water treatment, landfill gas)
  • Geothermal
  • Alternative fuels and vehicles (liquefied natural gas, compressed natural gas, ethanol, advanced biofuels, electric vehicles etc.)
  • Energy efficiency