Prepare for investment Banking interview

Banking Investment / November 27, 2019

Job interviewIt's been your dream to be an investment banker since you picked up your first calculator. You follow the markets so closely your friends call you for information. You have a closet full of pin-striped business suits waiting to be put to use. You've done your homework, decided which firm you want to work for, and finally landed the big interview.

Now what?

Interviews with investment banks are not known for being easy. As well as discussing your background and skills, you will have to answer financial questions and work out case studies on the spot. And you have to prove to the recruiter that you will not only be a dedicated, smart employee, but an upbeat colleague to have around for those 3 am nights in the office.

The good news is that there are concrete things you can do to prepare for your interview so you can tackle it with ease. With the advice of Barbara Hewitt, Senior Associate Director of Career Services at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business, we compiled this list of what you should do to get the job.