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Banking Investment / September 15, 2016

Over the course of the past decade, Loop Capital has structured, marketed and financed some of the most innovative, dynamic and challenging municipal bond transactions in the country, serving state and local governments, higher education institutions, transportation and housing agencies, public power and utility clients, and other public projects.

We have become a leader by listening and understanding client needs and tailoring solutions for some of the nation's most important entities. Our reputation for integrity and service – coupled with our track record of success – has led to an organic growth, allowing us to serve an expanding number of clients from coast to coast.

Products and Services

Loop Capital provides expertise in fixed and variable rate products as well as advisory services. We remain sensitive to market conditions, and, through careful analysis and market agility, we identify opportunities to reduce capital cost through new money financings, refunding transactions, debt restructurings, tender offers, and hedging instruments. Loop Capital has become a leader in the primary and secondary short-term capital markets as well.