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Labels for Education Banking form

Investment Banking Education / February 12, 2016

a) If you are already registered in the program, go to Account Login, enter your Account ID# and password.
Fill in all of the required (*) fields that are blank and ensure all complete fields have the correct formation. (Note: for a mailing address different than the school address click “add/modify address” in the Mailing Address Field. This will enable you to receive newsletters and yearly redemption catalogues at an address more convenient for you. ALL REDEMPTION MERCHANDISE WILL BE SHIPPED DIRECTLY TO YOUR SCHOOL’S ADDRESS.

If you made changes, click on “Click to Save Changes”.

To bank labels, click “Submit Deposit” (found at the bottom of your account page) and fill in the appropriate fields.

Calculate your total, by clicking on the calculate button at the bottom of the form.

Print two copies of this form by clicking “Printer friendly version” found at the bottom of the page.