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Investment Banking Certification courses in India

Banking Courses / December 26, 2016

“The course on Private Equity is very well structured and it covers all the important concepts along with the various type of valuation techniques. The lucid way of showcasing all the intricate concepts with step by step financial calculations, helped me gain a better understanding.The level of questions in the certification exam were commendable and forced me to think and analyze a lot. So, I would recommend this course to all finance aspirants who really want to break into the growing PE industry or have interest in gaining immense knowledge in this sector.”
- Sailesh | Associate Analyst | Infiniti Research Ltd.

“The content designed in the various FLIP modules are not only very-well structured and detailed but also the level of simplicity it maintains throughout is truly incredible.
The level of support which the FLIP team offers a student during and even after the exam cannot be expressed in words.
My overall experience with FLIP has been truly phenomenal in terms of gaining conceptual clarity which would definitely help me in my campus placements and hence I would strongly recommend FLIP to my juniors.”
- Arpita Nandy | MBA Finance | JBIMS

“I enrolled for FLIP in hopes of learning some new concepts and get some certification that would add value to me. FLIP has nicely designed presentations to cover all topics and have very prompt responses to queries which is really appreciable. They take great efforts to make sure we are prepared for our tests and are quite pro active in helping us out, which again gives an overall great experience. I would definitely recommend FLIP to people who are interested in getting a certification.”
- Shruti Ajmera | CA

“The entire course of Private Equity and M&A is quite detailed and takes on a simple approach for making the students understand. The online program is really beneficial and apt for the working professionals. ”
- Ashish Pareek | Chief Manager | SREI

“The material was well structured with clearly defined objectives. It was well designed, with concepts & ideas well explained with real-life examples & case studies.
Doubts were clarified promptly by the faculty. Online webinar session was excellent. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to lay a solid foundation in this area. ”
- Kshitij Tahiliani | MBA-Finance Student | TAPMI

“The program has helped me to get knowledge about investment banking. The learning support was also good.”
- Saurabh Saraff

“Graphics, diagrammatic illustrations, step by step explanation were interesting, and made it easy to learn the concepts. Overall good content, reader friendly & well designed course to learn without a teacher around.”