Brilliant questions to ask in any banking interview

Questions to ask during investment Banking interview

Banking Investment / December 29, 2015

Ask a question directly relating to your interviewer's experience at the firm.

If it's a 2nd year analyst:
"I bet you were in my shoes a few years ago - what initially attracted you to X bank?"

If it's a 3rd-year:
"I know that it seems to be a big trend these days to move into PE/HF/VC, but the fact that you're staying on as a 3rd year says a great deal about X bank - what are you thinking for the near and long term career-wise?"

If it's associate who was a direct-promote: "what influenced your decision to stay with the firm for the longer term?"

Then they'll say things like "it's the people, " "it's the hands-on experience i gained, " or "it's the MONEYYYY, BABY" but then you lead on from there and agree with the points they make, "the entrepreneurial environment that you describe is definitely one of the many things that attracts me to X bank..." and you can follow up with "how does your experience compare to your friends who work at other firms?"

The goal is to make it clear that you are:
1. listening to what they told you in the first 2 minutes when they were describing themselves
2. not asking some bullshit like "describe a typical day as an Analyst"
3. genuinely interested what they say and that you can actively contribute and develop the conversation