Anna University, Chennai - Scholarship Details 2017-2018

Educational Loan in Indian Bank

• Specialised MSME Branches in each State - (branches).
MSME Campaigns held & number of borrowers given loans in the campaigns
  1. Special Campaign for extending credit to MSME Sector are being undertaken frequently and salient features of various schemes communicated to customers through meetings and advertisements (hoardings and advertisements in vernacular daily newspapers etc).
  2. Presently, MSME DAY organised all over the country on 30th May 2014 .
• Most Important Terms & Conditions for MSME Products

1) The borrower should maintain adequate books of accounts, as per applicable accounting practices and standards, which should correctly reflect its financial position and scale of operations and should not radically change its accounting system without notice to the Bank.
2) The Bank will have the right to share credit information as deemed appropriate with Credit Information Companies (CICs) or any other institution as approved by RBI from time to time.
3) Bank will have the right to examine at all times the borrower‟s books of accounts and to have the borrower‟s factories inspected, from time to time, by officer(s) of the Bank and /or qualified auditors and/ or technical experts and or managements consultants of the Bank‟s choice. Cost of such inspection shall be borne by the borrower.
4) The borrower shall keep the Bank informed of the happening of any event likely to have a substantial effect on their profit or business: for instance, if, the monthly production or sales are substantially less than what had been indicated, the borrower shall immediately inform the Bank with explanations and the remedial steps taken and / or proposed to be taken.
5) The borrower will utilize the funds for the purpose they have been lent. Any deviation will be dealt with as per RBI guidelines.
6) In the event of default, or where signs of inherent weakness are apparent, the Bank shall have the right to securitise the assets charged and in the event of such securitization, the Bank will suitably inform the borrower(s) and guarantor(s).
7) Bank reserves the right to vary the spread at any point of time, by giving due notice to the borrower.