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Banking Investment / October 19, 2017

To help you manage your wealth and plan for the future, we offer a comprehensive range of advisory services.

Investment advisory services

From financial reviews and health checks to evaluating your risk profile and customising an asset allocation plan that suits your individual objectives.

Retail FX products

If you're looking to capitalise on opportunities in the currency markets, we can offer you a number of easy and flexible ways to invest in foreign currencies. These include:

  • FX margin trading
  • Currency trading
  • Premium currency deposits
  • Principal protected currency deposits

Mutual funds

Our fund families offer a broad range of mutual funds designed to match your risk tolerance and management style.

Our funds include highly diversified portfolios that:

  • actively allocate across a full range of major asset classes and geographic markets
  • offer absolute returns, with potentially higher yields than a typical liquidity portfolio, while managing short-term risk