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Banking Investment / July 25, 2022

@"ke18sb" see my comment above. The university only gets points/ credit if it is a top school for a specific firm. Not surprisingly, Queens & Ivy do well with the Canadian banks which gives them a higher overall "ranking" vs. Yale and Stanford, but that is really more of a function of the concentration of recruiting. I could have given different weightings to each type of bank (so maybe BBs and elite boutiques would be given a 1.5x factor), but I thought there was enough data here that people could take from it what they want, such as:

recruits heavily at Harvard, Upenn, Michigan, Indiana...

Goldman recruits heavily at these 10 schools, etc etc...

If you wanted to, I could also adjust each of these scores based on # of students or # of finance/econ majors to get a better measure of "ODDS" (which would significantly boost the Ivys and other smaller liberal arts schools and drop the state schools), but again, I felt that added another layer of complexity.