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Societe Generale investment Banking

Banking Investment / June 12, 2019

Making the right investment decision and implementing the optimal risk management solution have become critical daily challenges for all of us.

These challenges are made even more difficult by the increasing interdependence between markets across geographic regions, asset classes and products.

Within Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking, Global Markets is a fully integrated multi-asset class, multi-product platform focusing on delivering high quality investment and risk management solutions to asset managers, pension funds, private banks, banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, family offices, sovereign funds and retail network distributors around the world.

It brings together more than 3, 000 market professionals worldwide with award-winning expertise in equities, interest rate products, credit markets, currencies, commodities and alternative investments. We provide investors with a complete investment offering - listed and vanilla OTC products, funds and tailor made structured solutions - and with global insight, first-class capabilities, cross-asset advisory and superior execution.

Source: cib.societegenerale.com