How to Break Into Investment Banking as an Engineer

Investment Banking with computer science degree

Banking Investment / December 14, 2015

I've graduated in Computer Science from a UK university with first class honours and trying to find a job in Finance (Investment Banking) sector, I've applied to most for their IB / Trading positions and havn't got anywhere. (The psychometric tests results were good, that's out of question).

I do realize that my undergraduate degree is unrelated to the field I'm applying for, but from what I know is that people still get into the finance sector with degrees from other disciplines.

I really want to get into Finance (mainly banks) sector as a result I would like to know if pursuing a MSc in Finance or Finance and Investment or Financial Risk Management will increase my chances.

That being said, I would obviously want to apply to some of the top schools like LSE, Said, WBS, etc... but my financial situation doesn't allow me to. After looking into various university's and considering my budget. These are the following courses and universities I've found. (I've only chosen Russell Group universities as most job posts outside Investment Banks schemes specifically state Russell Group).

So here is the list of courses and options.

MSc Finance & Investment @ Bristol Uni (Currently rated as top 10 Uni's in UK) - PS13, 000

MSc Finance @ York University (not in the top 10) - @ PS7, 400

MSc Finance and Investment @ Leeds University - @ PS9, 000

MSc Financial Risk Management @ Leeds University @ PS9, 000

MSc Finance and Investment @ Durham - PS10, 450

NOTE: All of these uni's are part of Russel Group. Bristol and Durham are among the top 10.