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Banking Investment / November 19, 2014

Founded on the institutional knowledge that built the ​New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) is a global leader in training for the Investment Banking industry and related financial services. Its 600 strong qualifications and courses cover every aspect of the investment banking world are studied by students in over 150 countries and in class in New York, Beijing and London.

Now owned by the Financial Times Group, FT and NYIF are longstanding pillars in the business and finance world, with the heritage and Fortune 500 client base that are world-renowned. NYIF was designed to teach the fundamentals of a quickly evolving financial ecosystem. Over 90+ years later its mission has not changed. Now as part of the FT family, its pedigree is bolstered and reach broadened while still offering the most relevant and robust education for financial professionals, period.​


NYIF was first mentioned in the introduction to a book called Stock Exchange Procedure by Birl E. Shultz, PhD. In 1921:

“It became evident that, for the sake of the business itself and for the sake of the thousands of young men and women employed by the Exchange and by its member firms, some method should be devised whereby they might learn the fundamentals; the reasons why they did the things which occupied their working days” NYSE president Charles Gay, 1921: This was the inspiration behind the establishment of the New York Institute of Finance In 1922.

NYIF delivers learning in different formats to help its students excel at their chosen financial career. Its Faculty is practiced experts with many years work experience and success in their own Investment Banking careers. ​ We use flipped classrooms, web-based e-learning and blended learning plans to ensure students are prepared no matter what their learning style or lifestyle demands.