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Banking Investment / February 19, 2020

We are proud to say that we are the leading investment banking partner in the Nordic area. Simply because we have the best and most ambitious employees. They come from lots of different backgrounds but all share our goals and philosophy.

Passion for customers

Working at Nordea Markets you need to focus on one thing only: our customers. They are at the centre of everything we do, every bit of advice we give and every solution we propose. The needs vary from day to day and client to client. So you need to be alert and ready for change as change is the reality our clients face on a daily basis.

Part of a team

Our structure is team-based, and you will be a fully functioning member of your team from day one. This means that you will get plenty of support from your colleagues. But we’re also big fans of two-way communication, so we are just as excited about receiving your input as you probably are about getting ours.

Work with the best, learn from the best

Do you love to win almost as much as you hate to lose? Do you want to be all you can be? Can you put the customer’s needs before your own? Then you might fit in at Nordea Markets. Our people always strive to excel beyond expectations, at work as well as in their spare time. And we’re always looking for new gifted people with great personalities who can understand, appreciate and commit to the customer’s needs.

But we’re not going to lie – working at Nordea Markets can be tough. Being the leading international capital markets operator and investment banking partner of the Nordic and Baltic Sea region makes us a major player. With our offices all over the world, from New York to Singapore, we’re also an internationally recognised investment bank, and we feature an exciting mix of experienced international bankers and new, untried talent.

Speaking of talent – we look after our own, so if you invest your time and talent with us we’ll help you grow and develop within your role to make it easier for you to move up the career ladder. Anyway, we’d love to meet up and have a chat, so send us an e-mail if you think you have what it takes to make it here.