Santander eyes job cuts to free up cash for digital expansion

Santander investment Banking Careers

Banking Investment / February 11, 2021

Imagine learning from the best professionals in the sector.

If you want to develop your professional skills at Santander, now is the time. At Santander you will find the opportunity that best fits your interests and personal ambitions. We know how to recognise talent and drive, we will help you discover your professional goals and determine your career path. We want to attract, train, and develop university students who are interested in forming part of our group.

Our internship programmes are different in each country, but we all work toward a common objective: to provide experience and skills that compliment academic training, and all alongside the best professionals in the sector.

Because we are a large group, there is substantial potential for growth throughout our different businesses: Retail Banking, Financial Markets, Risks, Auditing, Technology, Insurance, Accounting, etc.

Select your country and learn about the necessary conditions and requirements for joining our programmes. Become a part of the company with the best internships worldwide and commit yourself to a great project for your professional growth.