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Banking Investment / April 9, 2019

From mastering financial modeling to acing job interviews including interview in somali language, this training will prepare you to take the investment banking industry by storm. With 99 top-caliber courses, 500 plus hours of video, personalized certifications, and lifetime access to it all, you can learn the basics and continue to evolve your skills over time. It's no secret that Wall Street's where the money's at-don't wait another day to set yourself up for success.

Part 1: Investment Banking Training (26 Courses, 150+ Hours)

Study basic operations & core skills such as: analyst accounting, valuations, public comps, discounted cash flows, IPO modeling & more

Part 2: Advanced Investment Banking Modeling Training (20 Courses, 150+ Hours)

Master the art of financial modeling Study 20 different financial models, including: FMCG sector, IT Sector, Oil & Gas Sector, Banking Sector, Media Sector, Pharma Sector, etc.

Part 3: Investment Banking Add-ons (13 Courses, 70+ Hours)

Gain a complete knowledge of the banking & finance sector Learn banking functionalities, debt markets basics, concepts of technical analysis, portfolio management, etc.

Part 4: Investment Banking Foundation Courses (23 Courses, 100+ Hours)

Take courses on basic to advanced Excel, PowerPoint & Microsoft Word Automate repetitive & mundane tasks w/ included Visual Basic / VBAs & Macros

Part 5: Soft Skills for Investment Bankers (17 Courses, 40+ Hours)

Become an excellent communicator & shrewd negotiator

Dheeraj Vaidya is the creator and curator of Wallstreetmojo, helping students and professionals succeed in the financial sector with online learning. He brings years of experience and top-notch tips on analyzing stocks, buzzing IPOs, M&As, private equity, startups, valuations, and entrepreneurship. Dheeraj is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporate Bridge financial training firm. He has trained and mentored more than 10, 000 students and professionals on equity research, investment banking, private equity, and more. For more details on this course and instructor.

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