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Banking Investment / July 1, 2021

Thinking of taking an MBA in order to get a job in investment banking? These are the business schools most likely to land you the job.

Is it worth going back to school for an MBA?

Is it worth going back to school for an MBA?

It’s no secret that the love affair between MBAs and investment banks is on rocky grounds. There’s a debate about who dumped who, but fewer MBAs are choosing to go into investment banking and investment banks are hiring fewer MBAs – they’ve closed off their markets divisions to MBAs and only them hire for IBD. Instead, banks are hiring Masters in Finance students or graduates from analyst level.

Nonetheless, assuming you wish to spend upwards of $100k on an MBA, and have aspirations to work in investment banking, opportunities remain. Our latest MBA rankings suggest that, predictably, that banks like top hire from the world’s top MBA schools – finance focused or not.

For the third year running, Columbia Business School tops our rankings, followed by (again) the University of Pennsylvania: Wharton and London Business School. The biggest riser in our rankings at the top this year is New York University: Stern, which has gone from seventh in 2015 to fourth this year. According to its employment report, investment banking remains the vocation of choice for Stern graduates, and the largest proportion of its MBAs are still heading into the sector.

The schools that do well in our rankings, which are based on 1.5m CVs uploaded on to the eFinancialCareers Resume Database, not only have a high proportion of their graduates going into investment banking, but they also secure positions at top tier investment banks.

The league table below is based on the proportion of people with an MBA from a particular school who have gone on to work in a ‘front office’ investment banking role upon graduation. This means corporate finance, sales and trading or equity research.